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        Yantai sne biochemical products co., LTD( The predecessor lai Yang city xinli biochemical products factory ),Founded in1996Years。After recent years of sustained development,Has become a collection of scientific research is given priority to with production of chondroitin sulfate、Processing、Trade as one of the large-scale professional biochemistry pharmaceutical companies。The company is located in the beautiful and rich、Well-known Chinese and foreign township laiyang pears,In accordance with the blue smoke(Yantai to Qingdao)First class road,East from this port100Kilometers、The west is apart from the Qingdao port100Kilometers,Marina adjacent blue smoke railway(The blue village to smoke......

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Chondroitin sulfate
The chemical structure:
( C14H19NO14Sna2)n CSA-Na(CAS#39455-18-0) CSC-Na(CAS#12678-07-8)
Chondroitin sulfate sodium from healthy animals(An ox、The pigs、Birds eating animals)Made of cartilage polysaccharide sodium salt。
Is mainly composed of chondroitin sulfate sodiumN-acetylchondrosamineWithD-glucoromic acidPolymer composition,The sodium and......

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The ground   The address: Shandong lai Yang city phoenix road18Number
Method   People: XunFengQiang
Contacts:  Yang Xiaofeng 
The electricity   Words: 0535-7317858
Pass   The true: 0535-7319917
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